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At the end of 2021, TRADA merged with the Timber Trade Federation to form the new organisation Timber Development UK.

Last year, TRADA merged with the Timber Trade Federation to form the new organisation Timber Development UK (TDUK).

For many years BM TRADA, part of the Element Materials Technology Group, has provided technical and administrative services to TRADA and its members.

The formal managed services contract between TDUK and BM TRADA ended on 31 January 2022. To assist with the transition, BM TRADA continued to provide a limited level of support on an ‘as requested’ basis over the following months. This period has now concluded, and both BM TRADA and Timber Development UK will continue to serve the timber industry in their own ways.

Timber Development UK will continue to operate as a membership organisation across the supply chain from sawmill to specifier, publishing technical specification manuals, handbooks and other guidance on timber design and engineering, CPD accredited seminars and online training, technical support, political advocacy and supply chain guidance. In short, creating a centre of excellence for timber specification, publication and know-how. Under the terms of the merger, all TRADA and TTF members automatically become members of Timber Development UK.

BM TRADA and its long-standing specialist team of timber consultants will continue to support the timber and construction industries with its free timber technical helpline, comprehensive webinar programme and critical commercial services, which include independent testing, inspection, certification, technical advice, training and consultancy.

The BM TRADA Bookshop will also continue to independently publish and sell the various professional timber publications and resources that have historically been available to TRADA members.

Mark Cummings, Fire & Building Products Technical Director at BM TRADA, said: “Following Timber Development UK’s decision to change the way in which they serve their members, we look forward to continuing to advise and serve the construction industry on the use of timber and helping it overcome the technical challenges that it may face in the future.

“We’ve had a long and rewarding partnership with TRADA, and we are proud of the time we have spent as its service provider. We wish TDUK every success with the changes it plans to introduce.”

David Hopkins, CEO of TDUK, said: “We’d like to thank BM TRADA for its help and support over the years. The timber construction sector is set for rapid growth over the coming years as we try to decarbonise our built environment. The technical resources we have developed together will be invaluable to achieve this aim. We look forward to creating more resources to enable this low-carbon transition.”